Memories of Coronation Celebrations

in Wennington Village

2nd June 1953

by June Clarke 


I remember coming home from work and being told by my mother that the people of Wennington had elected me to be their Coronation Queen.
I was very apprehensive about this, but decided that it was an honour to be chosen and now, looking back, can say that I really enjoyed my “day of fame”.

I had four beautiful maids of honour, Olive Tucker (now Turner), Margaret Butler, Marjorie Jarvis, and Jean Collier.




There was a collection to raise money to buy our dresses. Mine was a beautiful white strapless dress that could be worn with a bolero over the top.

I am almost certain that we celebrated on the day itself, as not many people had TV so could not watch the real thing (forgive me if I am wrong).

We were driven around the village on a float, lent by Vellacott from East Hall Farm, finishing back at the field behind Cutmores Shop (remember that), where everyone had gathered to watch the crowning ceremony performed by Peter Butler.

Peter had been away, not quite sure where, maybe the forces, but he had returned to the village, tall, dark and handsome. 

The Crown was made by Mr. Chapple from The Green and although not quite the real thing, was quite grand and a good second best.

I kept it for a long time (not quite sure when I would wear it again). I eventually gave it away to my son’s School for their theatrical use. ....


After the crowning it was time for games, all the old favourites, egg and spoon race, three legged race, sack race, tug of war etc.

All had a great time then, tired and hungry, everyone returned to The Green for tea.

The people of The Green carried out their tables and chairs, lined them all up, tablecloths came from everywhere as well as jellies, cakes, sandwiches. The tables were full even though we still had rationing (someone tell the youngsters about that).Nearly forgot to mention that everyone who could, dressed up in fancy dress, which is probably why I don’t recognise many on the group photo, taken on The Green.

I can see my sister Faith, aged 5, dressed as an Irish Colleen, and Albert Hall,Wife (and baby in pram) and perhaps others will recognise themselves or others they know. My brothers and sisters will be in there somewhere.We ended a very full day with a dance in the Village Hall where Peter and I started off the dancing. I am sure people who were there can fill in the gaps, but I do remember it was a very full, happy day, with lots of laughs......... 



To everyone who still remembers me I say “hallo”, not now 21 but still going strong in Cumbria where I have been for the last 26 years. Maybe I’ll see you when I next visit Wennington, which will be in September for mum’s 100th Birthday – still a
Wennington girl at heart.

Best wishes

June Britten (Clarke)