Wennington is a small village of about 300 inhabitants, set in 1285 acres of marsh and farmland. The village itself is spread out, with the majority of people living on the South side of the road. It’s boundaries are the South Hall Bridge to the West, the A1306 (the old A13) to the North, the Lennards Public House to the East and the River Thames to the South.Originally agriculture and farming predominated, with cottages for the workers. New Cottages, Laundry Cottages and Marine Cottages still exist. 

Many old buildings have disappeared with the passing of time:
The Laundry - opposite Laundry Cottages.
The Blacksmith’s Forge next to the Laundry
The Thatched Cottage in Church Lane where children went to school
Wennington House - demolished in 1953
Coldharbour Farm - now demolished but was a farmhouse sited on the banks of the River Thames

Wennington Hall

In1851 James Hall was the farmer here with 10 labourers working on 250 acres.The hall was subsequently demolished and the current Wennington Hall Farm was built. 

Willow Farm, Wennington
in 1963

Once called Scripps, William Walker, who lived here in the 19th century was a firm supporter of the “Fancy” or Noble Art. 

Thatched Cottage, Church Lane Wennington

Before the school adjoining Wennington church was constructed in 1876, this timbered and thatched cottage in Church Lane, which belonged to the churchwardens, served as the school house.The building has now been demolished. 

South Hall, Wennington

The manor of South Hall is recorded in the Domesday Book as belonging in Saxon times to Alsi(Alsius), a freeman.In the 14th century the manor was held by the Prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem. 

Lenthorpe House, Wennington in 1961

It was also known as Leventhorpe; the name was recorded as far back as 1544. 

Great Coldharbour - Wennington

A lonely riverside farm demolished c 1920.In 1848 an “Independent Minister” and farmer lived here named Henry Cooke Bourne. He died in 1855 and is commemorated on an obelisk at the church bearing the initials “H.C.B.”